Ethical Hacking: A Big Picture

16 July 2020

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Ethical hacking has been a buzz word in recent times due to continuous adoption of remote work requirements. Beginners always have lot of questions regarding this field e.g. how do we get started in this field? or what to focus on initially? There are lot of sources to learn from but these source increases the confusion also.

A beginner is always in stress that there are so many things to learn but doesn't get the complete picture that what this field is all about.

So here is some key steps to be taken to get a complete structure

1. Its not about learning tools and technologies

Learning tools is an important part of ethical hacking and beginners often tend to learn tools and they become satisfied that they have learned enough, but this should not be the case. Learning how a tools works is more important then learning tool itself because technology keeps updating everyday and if that tools gets outdated then our learning investment in that tools is wasted. If we learn the tool internal working then we can get the complete idea about what is happening behind and we can tweak that if needed.

2. Everything is not fixed.

If you are searching for a fixed path or set of steps to move forward in this field then this can mislead you to wrong expectations. Ethical hacking is like a creating field where you learn the art , practice it and then do something different that you haven't done till now.

3. It may get boring at times.

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Its not all about hacking and working with tools and latest technologies. Sometimes you have do the boring work also e.g. generating a test report for your customers describing your findings and mitigation steps. Report is all that costumers care about when they pay you to test their application for security flaws.

This is just a brief overview that beginners should keep in mind when they start planning to enter this field.

Happy Hacking!!!